Thistle: The Recycled Clothing Bunny

“Thistle” the cozy meadow bunny was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Thistle has a handmade wire poseable skeleton. The hands and face are made with Polymer clay. All of her furs are made from recycled clothing: an adult coat and a pair of winter gloves details were added with acrylic paint. Other recycled clothing creations by TouchedbyLavender can be found on my Facebook page. I try to come out with a new creation every couple weeks or so. Thank you for visiting my art and helping my art get discovered! Every like, share and comment inspire me!


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Wendy Gnau
Wendy Gnau

Washington artist Katie Creelman (Touched by Lavender) is extremely talented. Thistle is one of three creations I have purchased (adopted) from artist Touched by Lavender. Thistle appeared so realistic on the website; I love bunnies and just had to have her. When she arrived, it was amazing how real she truly looked. My coworker had thought she was a taxidermy at first. I explained Touched by Lavender’s poseable (armature) creations and he was impressed. Other than her creations being poseable, what stands out about Touched by Lavender creations is that they are made from recycled material. Katie can take a… Read more »

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