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Handbag Made Out Of Recycled Bike Inner-tube / Camara De Ar

By Neokentin

This little fashion handbag was made from repurposed bicycle inner-tube. A camara de Ar é o resíduo mais rejeitado do planeta, e dou a ela uma segunda vida com dignidade.

Wiscowood Minimalist Cycling Wallets

By WiscoWood

Unique, high quality minimalist wallet out of upcycled materials.

Belts Made From Recycled Tires, Truck Tubes & Seatbelts

By JeanMarc

These belts are all made with recycled materials: Bicycle tires Truck tubes Seatbelts Designed by Jean-Marc Attia from Marron Rouge.


By L'atelier d'Orel

Transformation of a former screen more to the taste of the day in “Paralight”. Made with inner tubes and a former store wooden, painted and bulging black.  Next to a […]

Wiwi [Recycled] Shoes


The secrets ingredients of wiwi shoes is made from recycled Brazil coffee sack mixed with car’s tire as a sole, we add more good quality of latex as insole to […]

Sandal Man - Seatbelts Giacomo

By Neokentin

Our sandals are designed inside Artefizio lab. The handcrafted/traditional technique is revolutionized by the introduction of materials, which re-thought, gain new life. Bicycle tire, inner tubes, leather wastes, jeans, tissues […]

Upcycled Chest and Inner Tubes into a Vintage Sofa

By Neokentin

A great idea with this old and vintage chest upcycled into a sofa with a cover made entirely of recycled bicycle inner tubes. 100% recycled! :)

Punctured Bicycle Inner Tube Belts

By Neokentin

Bicycle tube belt from the “Felvarrom” upcycled/recycled cycling apparel manufacture! Every bicycle inner tube belt has text from the manufacturer or a puncture fixing patch on it’s surface, so all […]

Recycled Inner Tube Plant Hanger

By Neokentin

I’ve been obsessing over the idea of making a macrame plant hanger, but I wanted to use materials I already have around the house. I used a pair of punctured […]

Magic Lantern Candle

By Neokentin

A magic candle lantern made out of antique glass photo`s, a piece of inner tube and an old wooden door.

Art from Inner Tube

By Neokentin

I’m an artist who a few years dealing with the black stuff. I send you some pieces from all kinds of art exhibitions I participated, all made with recycled inner […]

Inner Tube Wallets

By Neokentin

Made in Italy from recovered truck inner tubes and stamping decoration: indestructible, waterproof & unique. Size cm 12 X 9.

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