Upcycling Fashion Bags

How she got here?

Before creating BI ETHIC, Nhât Anh Bardou was educated in France. With a degree in architecture, she worked in this area in Paris for several years.

This drastic change in her life could be explained by the fact that Nhât Anh was born in Vietnam, where she spent the first eight years of her life. After that, she was adopted by a French couple that provoked a pleasant change, sending her to an unknown country where she would be pampered and spoiled.

But this immersion in the West was a complete shock to the cheerful little girl that was Nhat Anh Vietnam. In Vietnam, she was used to living without toys. After her adoption, she kept the same joie de vivre which she had in her home country, but now she was surrounded by an excess of toys and other accoutrements that were not used to having before. In fact, to the little Nhat Anh, all of this seemed superfluous. For her, it was this juxtaposition of both childhoods that made her want to create such things from her French upbringing to the whole world in a fair and world-first manner.

« Environment and Human Focused Progress »

Searching for a balance between the two cultures that raised her, Nhât Anh Bardou, threw herself into a new field by giving birth to her first baby, BI ETHIC, a company that is based on the UP-CYCLING mantra, « Nothing is lost, everything is transformed »!

BI ETHIC’s personal take on this mantra is: work directly with local artisans, to create a fruitful exchange between the far east and west, while never failing to respect both men and women’s equal rights.

Transforming the Beast into Beauty.

Recycling has always been a core value in the Vietnamese culture, but due to a recent upswing in Western lifestyle this value-set has slowly started to disappear. Moreover, there is an exceptionally talented artisan culture.

It is this these two elements that BI ETHIC will marry, by creating small batches of beautiful products that are produced by hand with local artisan labor and from 100% recycled materials such as trucks rubber and beers cap can.












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Thérèse Dufour

Le sac bandoulière est beau, mais il doit être lourd !

Sharlene F Martin

So pretty

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