by Green Jean Ferguson

Upcycling Used Bike Innertubes Into Jewellery

Once I decided to create jewelry from my bicycle innertube find, the next step was to do the design. The rubbery flexibility of innertubes make them versatile, and I finally chose to create elastic bands that could be joined like a jumpsy-rope to create a necklace ‘chain’ base. From there, I cut inner tube loops to make short lengths to attach to the rubber necklace ‘chain’ to build upon my design. From my stash of used and new-but-discarded jewelry elements and findings I chose bits to add random, whimsical interest to the necklaces. One necklace even boasts black bows salvaged from a wrapped gift box and a fairy glass vial. Each necklace, or bracelet, is unique and the overall design I call ‘Urban Tribal.’


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what kind of cross is in the jewelry? how do you call them

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