The Art of Recycling: Transform Trash Into Pieces of Art

There is a growing consciousness towards how and what we dispose of as trash every day of our lives. The world is starting to become a difficult place to live as we collect more and more waste, not having a place to get rid of it. There have been scientific and technological advancements in recent years to help us tackle this problem. On a more grounded level, some individuals are working in unique ways to use trash and transform it into amazing pieces of art that are sometimes functional and other times merely fashionable.

The Art of Recycling: Transform Trash Into Pieces of Art 1 • Recycled Art

A Unique Place

When it comes to recycling and being artistic, there are a few spectacular places around the world that have taken the idea and blown it up to mega proportions. Take the Rock Garden in India where a man named Nek Chand has built a beautiful open space for people to relax, packed with sculptures made with thrown away waste. Started in 1957, it is among the most visited places in the city of Chandigarh. Similarly, the Floating Park in Rotterdam, Netherlands, uses recycled materials to make floating connectable blocks. The blocks are then used to grow plants which not only adds to the greenery of the surroundings but also helps life flourish underwater as well.

The Art of Recycling: Transform Trash Into Pieces of Art 5 • Recycled Art
Recycled Park

DIY Projects

The purest form of recycling, at a more homegrown level, is DIY projects. We all have been doing this without even realizing it. Be it a homemade costume for Halloween or using DIY gardening tips to make our lawns beautiful, there is always something going on inside the house or outside in the garden where we are recycling and reusing. DIY projects are an excellent way to save money, but more importantly, they are a great sample of how we can make the most of what we have, using it to full potential. Another enjoyable aspect about DIY projects is that they can be educational, often involving the whole family, and a lesson in nature conservation and waste management.

The Junkyard Artists

Inspirational and creative, there are individuals across the globe who are changing the way we look at art. Taking everyday trash and converting it into unique pieces, these artists not only sell their works in the art world but also open our eyes towards re-using what we throw away. Take the futuristic eye-art of Cyrus Kabiru or the now legendary Michelle Reader whose concept of “trash art” involves taking real waste from her client’s house and converting it into thought-provoking artistic impressions. The result of these imaginative creations is something that is fascinating and colorful.

The Art of Recycling: Transform Trash Into Pieces of Art 7 • Recycled Art
Michelle Reader: Sculptures made from recycled & unusual materials

Understanding Trash

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” goes the saying that should make us realize the importance of recycling. We have reached a decisive phase in the life of this planet where every single human must make an effort not to waste. From putting a stop on plastic, following on the steps of artists who show us how to recycle in unusual ways, to cutting down on our trash in general, we must work together with a better understanding of our lifestyle consequences in the hope of a healthier future.

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