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By Neokentin

In a world where too much seems to go to waste too fast, I have the urgency to move against the torrent and try to redress the balance. Yet more […]

Eco Adornments Recycled From Rubbish

By Ocean_Alien

Ocean Alien makes jewelry from trash that spews from the sea during Thailand’s monsoon season. The main materials used are the inside components of disposable cigarette lighters. These metal, plastic, foam and rubber parts are combined with semi precious beads and silver findings to create interesting and colorful jewelry which screams I LOVE YOU to the planet.

Recycled Plastic Into Key Rings


Key rings made of micro-plastics from beach cleanups.


By Neokentin

Big, bulky floor model rear projection televisions are quickly slipping into the American past. Using the dissected parts of these monsters came with an initial fascination of their abilities to […]

The Seahorse Sculpture – The Worlds Most Complex Papier-mache Sculpture

By Neokentin

The Seahorse Hazel Bryce spent six years pushing the boundaries of Papier-mâché to create the most complex large scale Papier-mâché sculpture in the world. The Seahorse poses questions to all […]

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