Eco Adornments Recycled From Rubbish

I want to give something back to the country I now call home. When I saw the amount of rubbish that washed ashore after Phuket’s monsoon storms, I knew I wanted to use it to create something beautiful. I was inspired by the tiny parts inside the lighters, amazed by the pastel colored plastics, various metals, and colored foam circles. I began to create jewelry, allowing the materials to guide me, combining the parts with colorful beads to enhance the beauty of the trash. Many hours are spent cleaning the beaches with friends, collecting lighters and other potential materials. I then wash and dismantle them at home, and finally sort the many pieces. My Ocean Alien mission is to get people talking trash and solutions to reduce it.


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Carol Jeandel
Carol Jeandel

Very cute !

Frances Barry
Frances Barry

Awesome art and a wonderful way to bring our oceans plight to the world’s attention. Thank you.

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