by John Hoelen


In a world where too much seems to go to waste too fast, I have the urgency to move against the torrent and try to redress the balance. Yet more than just recover I want to reshape and more than only recycle I long to re-harmonize.

My creation process is highly ceremonial. First I go out into the world and salvage the material from the bins of industry (aided by many winged helpers) then back home I sort the junk and transform it into treasure – next I become the ancient craftsman by physically flattening each crown cap with a fist hammer on a granite cobblestone and finally I internalize and let the printed patterns and colors come to life through circular harmonization.

In retrospect, I reversed the drop of water-ripple effect back to the drop. There’s something very gratifying and revealing in that.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

Oceaninadrop 1 • Recycled Art


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