Scrap Wood Into Decorative Wood Frame Planters

By Rodrigo Tello

Restored demolition wood, scrap wood from furniture among other types of salvaged wood are used to create mini indoor vertical gardens with an irrigation system to facilitate maintenance and not […]

Reclaimed Skateboards Art

By Neokentin

These are a small selection of my new series of reclaimed skateboards. It’s great to work with old decks knowing that they will now have a new life as art […]

Diy: From Stone To Stool

By Neodim

The Symbio Stool – 100% Biodegradable Designer: Felix Ruder From idea to furniture “What happens to the world without us?” is a title of a book written by Alan Weisman. […]

Guide to Organic Composting

By Neokentin

Do you maintain a garden? Organic composting is a great way to recycle household waste like rotten fruits and vegetables. Check out this info-graphic to get a better idea of […]

Handmade Driftwood Trees


The handmade trees Driftwood is the perfect choice if you do not like the usual plastic trees and looking for a more special decoration idea. Ideal for every decor such […]

Handmade Wooden Hearts


The celebration of Valentines Day and love is approaching, and if you are among the romantics and those who insist on celebrating, I would suggest you to “give away your […]

Eco-christmas Trees


Christmas is coming soon, so I will share with you some ideas for “Eco Christmas Trees” and decoration. Trees, which differ from the usual, made of natural materials, which can […]

Lamp from Wall Paper

By Neokentin

The wall paper became a lamp just through folding the material.

Fallen Industry – Furniture Made from Fallen Trees

By Neokentin

Fallen trees, ​knocked down by industrial growth, reclaimed & reborn with beautiful purpose by Paul Kruger. Fallen Industry was created out of the idea to reuse before we destroy. All […]

Recycle & Make Unique Christmas Trees


These are some easy, cheap and smart ideas from Styleitchic website, so you can make unique Christmas trees while recycling. Eco Christmas tree made from old boards or pallet wood […]

Lamp Made Of Wood Sticks

By Neokentin

Beautiful chandelier made out of wooden sticks by Karin Granstrand.

Upcycled Lavender T-shirt Sachets For The Dryer

By Neokentin

Kick the disposable habit! Little pillows filled with lavender buds can be used in place of fabric dryer sheets or as a sachet in a linen closet. To renew the […]

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