by Felix Ruder

Diy: From Stone To Stool

The Symbio Stool – 100% Biodegradable

Designer: Felix Ruder

From idea to furniture

What happens to the world without us?” is a title of a book written by Alan Weisman. The book is an experiment that tries to answer the question of how long time it takes for nature to recover itself if all the people would suddenly disappear. The concept in this book was then translated into a piece of furniture and out came Symbio.

Symbio is a seat made out of waste pieces from black granite and legs made of oak. The top of the seat is polished. The total weight is about 25 kilos. The legs are placed in drilled holes underneath the stone and if you try to move the furniture around the legs will fall out. This means that the furniture will stand in the same spot for a long period of time. One can then watch how nature will slowly recycle the legs and all that is left is the stone. With new legs made the seat can be recycled for thousand of year.




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Ann-Maree Anderson

Nick Anderson not very comfy… But very cool

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