Eco Factoría Sustainable Paper Designs

By Neokentin

Eco Factoría uses paper waste and makes contemporary jewelry and home designs.

Mixed Media Art: Heron Hunting Wall Art

By lmcclamrock

What can you make with old magazines? Look closely…

Altered Books Art

By Neokentin

I am a fan of books. I am sure that they are alive… So I look for these alone books, these part II without its part I, this book too old, this book without the sheets 23 to 31… All these orphan books. And then, with my scissors, I give them another life! Because believe me: Books are alive.

Playful Jewelry with a Fairly Classic Line Focused on Eco-friendly and Natural Materials

By Paola Fornasier

I divide myself between Rome and a small greek island in Aegean sea. From the sea comes the name of my shop, Egeo that in italian is the Aegean sea, […]

Recycled Paper Wall Clock

By Neokentin

This bright and colorful wall clocks is eco-friendly and each one is one of a kind and really soothes my soul and relaxes me. Each clock is custom made and […]

Paper Collage

By Neokentin

I have a collection of paper collage .Created from magazine paper ,delicately cut and torn. Inspiration comes from trees, flowers and even a tea cup. Whatever takes my fancy. My […]

Spray Can Lamps Kanterns

By Neokentin

John Alvin Hixon is a paper artist from New York. His recycled spray can lamps or “Kanterns” are made from recycled spray paint cans and other recycled materials.Each loud colored […]

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