Salt Dough Frog Features Upcycled Decorative Stone Eyes

We made this Salt Dough Frog from a homemade salt dough recipe that you can find at the Morton’s Salt website (and numerous other copycat sites too). The eyes are upcycled decorative stones used in plants. I just shaped the homemade flour and let it air dry for several days. Finally, I painted it and applied a coat of varnish to protect my project.

Make a homemade salt dough recipe and upcycle sparkly bits you have at home like this Salt Dough Frog with decorative stone eyes!

Broken jewelry? Small glass beads or baubles leftover from other projects? Upcycle them into a brilliant family project that the kids can help with – or do themselves!

This Salt Dough Frog features upcycled stone/glass eyes.
This adorable little frog is a salt dough recipe.
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