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Upcycled Provocative Blended Doll Art

By Neokentin

When I walk into my workshop, I’m immediately inspired. The different materials I’ve collected take on new shapes, and the adventure begins. Whole and half dolls become Upcycled Blended Doll […]

Asma Upcycled Art Piece Representing Lungs

By marcopisano

Our lungs seen as two boots, necessarily marked by their walk.

Ostéoplane Mixed Media Hanging Art

By ennovy

With an interesting blend of materials, from bone, crab pincers, feathers, and more, I created this Mixed Media Hanging Art. You can make your own interpretation of my Mixed Media Hanging […]

Mike Dyson, the 3m High Robot Sculpture from Recycled Vacuum Cleaners

By cyberigs

How do you grab children’s attention when it comes to recycling. This was an idea I came up with, and it’s a fun one too.

Computer Bugs

By smashupstudio

We take recycled motherboards and turn them into Art!

Apple on Tin Ceiling Tile

By Neokentin

Painting on an antique ceiling tile.

The Turtle Rider

By Igloo

This man took a long trip on the turtle back.

City Scape

By Neokentin

A city block made from EDM drops

Dinosaur Bone Necklace & Bracelet

By Neokentin

Dinosaur bone necklace and bracelet from upcycled machine shop drops.

Clutch Plate Into Clock

By Metal-Unicorn

Wall clock made from a recycled clutch plate.

Cross Bar Height Table From Recycled Metal

By Neokentin

Recycled metal bar height table with glass top.

Lampshade From Recycled Paper, Cardboard & Dolls

By Neokentin

Unique lampshade from recycled paper and cardboard inspired from Greek mythology.

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