Upcycled Crayon Art / Reciclado De Crayones

From leftover crayons comes Upcycled Crayon Art. Start cleaning out the bottom of the toy box or crafts bin and put those bits of crayons to beautiful reuse! Make wall art that is vibrant, cheery and entertaining to make! You need only a few supplies: a matte board, a selection of crayons (color of your choice), a hair dryer or heat gun, and a clamp to hold the crayon while melting it.

Don’t burn your fingers but do have an entertaining afternoon when you make Upcycled Crayon Art!

Prop or clip the mat board in place so that the melted wax falls and drips freely on the sheet. If you prefer, move the matte board while you apply heat to the crayon, but you’ll need a spare set of hands. Recruit help from your older children, spouse, friend, or a neighbor! The result is spots, drips, and runs, scattered in a casual and fortuitous way. Some places come out thicker than others, which makes it even more interesting. Once the shape created is to your liking, let it dry a couple of days. Finally, find some beautiful frames to surround your work.

Have an old can of broken crayons leftover from the kids? Put them to good use and make Upcycled Crayon Art!

Cartón paspartú
Crayones de colores a elección
Secador de cabello o pistola de calor
Tenaza o pinza para sostener el crayón mientras le das calor y no quemarse.
Lo ideal es poner el cartón “parado” para que la cera derretida caiga y dibuje libremente por la hoja. También podes ir moviendo el cartón mientras le aplicás calor. En este caso vas a necesitar ayuda de hijo/a, marido, amiga, etc. El resultado son manchas o gotas, esparcidas en forma casual y fortuita. Algunas manchas tienen más carga de material que otras, lo que lo hace más interesante aún. Una vez que la forma que se dibujó te gusta,
lo dejas secar un par de días. Luego buscás unos lindos marcos para ponerle a tu obra.

Upcycled Crayon Art is a unique expression of your style.
Drips, blobs, and runs. Blend the colors and layer the thicknesses for more interest. Use textured matte boards or colored matte boards if you choose too!
Use a bright, cheery frame to highlight your upcycled crayon art.
Use a bright, cheery frame to highlight your creation!
Now aren't you glad your kids broke all those crayons before? Now you can create upcycled crayon art.
Pre-sketch the general shape you want, or just let the artistic waxes flow!
Make a series of Upcycled Crayon Art pieces.
Involve the older kids and family to create a series of crayon art pieces!
My finished Upcycled Crayon Art pieces.
The finished art pieces!


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