Top 5 October 2017 Upcycled Crafts That You Picked!

Now that the Ghosts & Goblins have returned home, it’s time to look back and see the Top 5 October 2017 Upcycled Crafts made by you and chosen by you!

Be prepared for inspiration with these October 2017 Upcycled Crafts!

Your favorite idea of October 2017 was a set of Upcycled Metal Sculptures!

October 2017 Upcycled Crafts include metal sculptures like this dragon.
This was one of many outrageous metal sculptures this artist submitted. Check out the post!

Your second choice was this downloadable DIY step by step tutorial: Mixed Media Mason Jars.

October 2017 Upcycled Crafts #2 idea was this set of mixed media mason jars!
This idea is a fun one to do with the kids!

Another DIY Video Tutorial was for Upcycled Men’s Shirts Into Tank Tops!

Turn men's shirts turned into cute tank tops - one of our top five October 2017 Upcycled Crafts.
Lose a button? No problem! Turn that old shirt into cute tank tops!

Turn skateboards into beads with this DIY Video Tutorial.

October 2017 Upcycled Crafts include beads from skateboards.
This idea is creative!

Turn bottles into etched glasses!

October 2017 Upcycled Crafts include this set of etched glasses from upcycled bottles.
When you pop the top off of a cool one, save the bottle and upcycle it into these etched glasses!

Those are the top 5 for October. Let’s what you can come up with for November! Thanks for contributing! Install a pallet wood floor – they’re stunning!

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