Video Tutorial: Stainless Steel Spoon Necklace

I made this Spoon Necklace using a stainless steel spoon. Stainless steel has nice features, including the easy way to get different colors from heating it.

This Stainless Steel Spoon Necklace can be casual or high-fashion!

The beautiful discoloration will remain unless you sand or polish the necklace too hard. Don’t use any kind of polishing or sanding passes. Usually, it doesn’t even need polishing. That makes stainless teaspoons really great material for DIY jewelry. The shaping needs little more work than silver ones but after that its long-lasting, and its very hard to accidentally break or bend it.

Try your own Stainless Steel Spoon Necklace!

I made this necklace in less than 2 hours! The most difficult part is to keep the engraving between the lines. After a little practice, it does get easier. To draw pattern to the spoon, I paint it with white acrylic paint after heat treating. (That’s not so hard as it sounds). After the engraving is done, paint can be easily removed with a felt polishing wheel ( if paint is sticky, heat it 1-2 seconds). Then it’s easy to remove. I hope you enjoy this video tutorial and try your own spoon art.

Spoon Necklace1
Spoon Necklace2

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