Contest! Win Laura Zabo Innertube & Tire Accessories!

Laura Zabo aims to create a better & cleaner world by using creativity and imagination to make sustainable products. Laura Zabo has created an innovative and eclectic fashion accessory range that includes belts, bags, jewelry, bow ties, skirts, dresses, dog leads, guitar straps, home décor, flip flops, sandals and car tire shoe soles – and the collection is made of sustainable materials, inner tubes & tires.

Contest! Win Laura Zabo Innertube & Tire Accessories! 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Tire rubber is an excellent alternative to leather due to its durability and flexibility. Right now on landfills, there are billions of worn or rejected scrap tires going to waste, which could be put to good use. This is the mission of Laura Zabo.

Laura ZABO Ltd was established in 2016.

Today, we have a great offer for you from Laura Zabo! Subscribe to Laura Zabo & Recyclart newsletter and try to WIN beautiful inner tube & tire accessories:

Bicycle inner tubes & tires are a sustainable alternative to leather; it will be lovely smooth and shiny over time. All of the tubes collected are cleaned, they won’t stain your pants.

To enter the contest, click here or click on the image below!

Contest! Win Laura Zabo Innertube & Tire Accessories! 3 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas



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Sarah Schirmer Palmer

Every time I click on the entry link I. The article, it just reloads the page.

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