Amazing Recycled Furniture’s by Leo Capote

By Neokentin

Brazilian artist and designer Leo Capote makes terrific furniture’s out of unusual materials. A former employee of the Campana brothers, Leo today stands as one of the most fabulous designers […]

Old Road Sign Seat

By L'atelier d'Orel

Seat made ​​with an old road sign and a walking foot.


By Neokentin

It seems  that many of the used things have the right to begin a new life.

Dragonfly Couch

By Neokentin

A couch I made from construction material I collected from the sea, and thrown away old construction materials. The last 5 years I am running and living in the family […]

Old Electric Guitar Parts Into Original Chair

By Neokentin

Seat made from old seat, bed pieces and old guitar parts. As electric guitar works completely including magnets, volume potentiometer, cable socket. No frets. Of course, it also functions as […]

Beer Crates Stool

By Neodim

Beer crate + inner tubes = seat ! ++ Here on Marcus Blog

Pain Perdu

By Neokentin

Pain perdu (‘French Toast’ or literally: ‘lost bread’ : made of reclaimed wood and table-legs. Traktor Chair: Upcycled Tractor seat and a second hand chair!

Chair Storage

By Neokentin

It’s a chest and shoe shelf placed back to back that creates an angle of a chair, which has been secured with a few pieces of wood and screws. Old […]

Beetle Seat

By Neodim

So 70’s !

Krejci Bags : You See It Black, but It’s Green !

By Neokentin

As you can see, our products are made out of recycled bicycle inner tubes! Let it surprise you: repair patches and various signs unveil here and there fragments of history […]

4l Renault Revisited the Rusty Way

By Neokentin

I let it rust gently after having sanded it down.

Used Chairs as Wall Decoration

By Neokentin

I spent an afternoon at the Stasi museum (Ministry for State Security in the former GDR). There I´ve seen this nice and simple wall decoration I could easily imagine to […]

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