by Patrick Hoesterey

Upcycled Cable Chair

After finding a discarded red chair, I knew the original woven plastic was beyond repair. But the red metal frame was in great shape. So I set about finding a unique material to re-weave the seat and back.

The answer came from an old box I found in my closet — cords and cables I’d been saving for years. Many of them were obsolete (FireWire anyone?) and others were damaged or simply old. One by one I wove them onto the red frame. I decided to leave the ends hanging loose, to reveal each cable’s past life. Cables used include: USB, FireWire, ethernet, electrical, RCA audio, iPod connectors, phone chargers and more.

The whole seat and back took over 70 cables, individually woven and held in place with red cable ties. The seat flexes a bit as you sit, making the chair more comfortable than it may appear.

I’m thrilled with the finished product, a one of a kind, upcycled chair. What do you think?







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Tina Webb Buford

Very cool!

Sonia Hébert

J’aime l’idée sauf les bouts…

Eileen Velasquez

Patrick Hendrix …. Look. Very cool.

Ger Rus
Ger Rus

Now that is awesome. You know how many cables get thrown away. This should be done by companies that make chairs.

Wenda Vorce

I have used belts and neckties but never cables.. I have a box of them and a perfect chair. I think I have a new project.

Marilyn Costanza Dominy

Cats would love this chair. Lots of dangles to play with.

Koen Gorissen

Dat is gaaf zeg, frame zoeken!

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