by Ana Nedelcu

Avan’garde Crafts by Ana Nedelcu

Nowadays, we assist to more and more of youth sustainable initiatives from all around the world.
One of these initiatives is the concept of Avan’garde Crafts or AnARTivism created 8 years ago by a young Romanian woman. Her inside impulse and her desire for promoting the idea of fabric recycling, emerged as a flashlight.
The articles are unique pieces exclusively hand-made. The technique that AnARTivism has chosen to focus on represents a tribute brought to this creative work method, to the unconventional and avant-garde fashion style that characterizes her in particular.
AnARTivism represents a manifest but it also carries an urge to take action and change the way of thinking from the ordinary and destructive to sustainable and reusable. From this visionary thinking we are encouraged to get to new shapes and paradigms that are in favor of the environmental protection as well as are standing against hyper-consumption.
The concept also tries to harmoniously gather the essential 3 factors

  1. Labour force -> time and tools
  2. Authenticity -> creativity
  3. Access to buy
  • AnARTivism: each of the hand-made fashion articles supposes a piece of outer and inner reality, it comes from a spontaneous idea, flash-backs and long-life experiences.
  • AnARTivism is funded by a self-taught artist with a strong taste for the unusual, the unconventional.
  • AnARTivism: all hand-made garments carry the manifest about recycling, most of them emerging from vintage items entirely transformed into new wearable outfits.



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