Upcycled Soapstone Dish Becomes Classy Coffee Pot Trivet!

By Yolaki

I’ve used a broken stone but resistant to hot temperatures using different adhesive cloth.

Salt Dough Frog Features Upcycled Decorative Stone Eyes

By Maya Rodriguez

Can you believe what flour salt and water can make a frog of course.

Hungarian Folk Art Motifs Painted On Stones

By Melinda Gaspar

I love the traditional Hungarian folk art motifs, so I wanted to paint them on the stones because I was curious to see how they look on them. First I have […]

6 Upcycling Projects to Improve Your Lawn’s Look

By Neokentin

As spring break passes around the country, summer has come into view, and now is the time to ready your yard for the season-best spent outdoors. However, after a long, […]

Stone Art

By Katrin Ka

These beach stones were hand-decorated in the author’s technique called “Stone Tattoo“.  Natural river rocks are healing and have great energy. There’s something relaxing and calming about the feel and […]

Oil Paintings on Stones by Yana Khachikyan

By Yana Khachikyan

My name is Yana Khachikyan, I started painting on stones about a 1.5 years ago, and I’ve got more than a hundred stones painted since then. Depending on the complexity […]

Patchwork Inspired Stepping Stones From Recycled Crockery

By Neokentin

I recycled broken crockery to create a patchwork inspired pattern on a small series of stepping stones. The stone is white concrete, mixed of snowcrete and kiln dried sand! A […]

My Art On Rocks

By Melinda Gaspar

This are my hand painted rocks with acrylics. Each of my creation is unique and original. I love to paint on rocks.

Diy: From Stone To Stool

By Neodim

The Symbio Stool – 100% Biodegradable Designer: Felix Ruder From idea to furniture “What happens to the world without us?” is a title of a book written by Alan Weisman. […]

Diy: Netted Stone Friendship Bracelets

By Neodim

Upcycle those fish tank stones and turn them intro macrame bracelets. Maybe give one to your best friend for Valentine’s day?

Polystyrene Turned into Stone

By Neokentin

A piece of insulation block 4ft square 2ft thick was just lying around waiting for inspiration and a new use. With some fettling from a heated cutter bought of ebay, […]

Driftwood and Stones Art by Tamas Kanya

By Neokentin

Driftwood and stones art: Scorpion, Ant, Snake…made by Hungarian Artist Tamas Kanya.

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