Christmas Trees From Upcycled Toys

Could you imagine that you can make fantastic and alternative Christmas trees using old toys?

The following pictures will give you a lot of different ideas and variations of an easy DIY, that can be used not only for kids room but even to a modern living room… If you think that the toys you have, are a little bit heavier and they will not stick with Scotch tape or you do not want to stick the toys on the wall with silicon, you could stick them with silicone on a background wood board, which you will paint to the desired color. And most important: don’t forget to learn your kids to share their toys with children in need…

Merry Christmas!







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Melodie Crumlin

Michelle McDonald Kirsty Forsyth -peek office?

Patricia Do Canto

Voici le nôtre en petit arbre de chez nous et ficelle.

Angela Seymour

How cool is this?

Manja Wolf-Voit

Boaah volltoll!


There’s just one bug: what do you use to fix the items to the wall? They’ll have to be taken off after the Holidays. If we have to fill holes and repaint the wall, the idea becomes a lot less appealing… ## Un seul pépin: avec quoi ces objets sont-ils fixés au mur? Il faudra les en retirer après les Fêtes! S’il faut remplir des trous et repeindre, l’idée devient moins attrayante… ##

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