Teabags Frames

Armenian artist Armén Rotch’s big yellowish-brown frames, completely covered with teabags, release an intense smell. The teabags become brushstrokes, pixels, architecture and create infinite skylines in a rhythmic composition. Depending on their infusion time, the chromatic variations of an autumn landscape transpire. This long, meticulous, repetitive assemblage that Armén Rotch has been carrying out for more than 20 years is a “tea ceremony” in which the breath of each tea-drinker comes together in a single time and space. The slow construction process encourages contemplation and reverence – around a cup of tea, a universally symbolic brevage.

Teabags Frames 1 • Recycled Art

Teabags Frames 2 • Recycled Art

Teabags Frames 3 • Recycled Art

Teabags Frames 4 • Recycled Art

Teabags Frames 5 • Recycled Art

++ Armén Rotch blogspot !

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so nice job!!!

Ila Reloaded via Facebook


Don't Toss It via Facebook

Very cool and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Tario

Who comes up with this stuff ?

Cindy Pirani

So I get that these are made with tea bags. What I don’t get is how are they considered frames? What are they framing?

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