by Rosana Modugno

Tee Shirt & Black Jean Purse # 2000th Post!! #

My daughter was throwing out black jeans & a tee shirt. First I cut the legs of the jeans & sewed it together to make a purse, adding straps from the jeans as well. Then I cut the face of the tee shirt & sewed that on to the purse. The backside of the jeans is on the inside of the purse with the pocket. I added details, like letter beads to spell out my daughters name on the front, & a vintage rhinestone clip was sewn on to the face of the girl on the front of the purse & also a flower I made from scraps left over from the jeans & tee shirt. Of course she loved it, & didn’t realize it was what she had thrown out until I told her. Now she’s making things as well. I don’t hoard & only take what I need to make a project. I am constantly recycling. But I don’t even realize I’m doing it until someone points it out. :)


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