Toast These Stunning Collage Art Bottle Cap Earrings

What do you do when your bottle is empty? Have a second and turn those bottle caps into beautiful collage-art Bottle Cap Earrings!

Raise your bottles to these inspirational Collage-Art Bottle Cap Earrings

We found a video to show you how to make a set for yourself. Beadaholique has an excellent DIY Video Tutorial. Epoxy Stickers make an easy method to make Bottle Top Earrings with custom artwork.

Turn bottle tops into beautiful Bottle Cap Earrings!
There are several easy ways to turn those bottle caps into unique artwork you can wear! Don’t toss those caps into the recycle bin!

Find inspiration for a kid’s play area with this Giant Chess Pallet Park!  Turn a headboard into a quick upcycled reminder board!


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Wendy McClelland

Yay! A post that isn’t about pallets. Thank you.

Gary Wightman

Wendy McClelland you made me laugh. Thank you.

Sue Ring

Sarah-Jane Ring but other people’s bottles ?

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