Toddler Benches Created from Upcycled Pallet Wood

After receiving one order for a custom designed toddler-size bench with a shelf on the bottom, we found ourselves with three more toddler bench orders just a few weeks before Christmas. It took a few late nights in the shop but the last order was delivered the day before Christmas Eve. The toddler benches are just one of the unique home decor pieces we create at Woofpack Designz. All of our pieces are created from upcycled pallet wood and we even reuse the pallet nails from each pallet that is dismantled. Our decor items are completed on our family farm and are made individually per specifications of each order. The toddler benches were a little challenging as we used a larger design we had and scaled it down. However, after the first one was completed, we were able to speed up the production time considerably.



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I like your design. Did you draw any plans up for your dimensions and the angle for the back of the bench? Would be interested in seeing any drawings you made for this project. Very nice job, I think the kids will love it.

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