by Rick Ladd

Caps Board by Rick Ladd

Caps Board by Rick Ladd 1 • Recycled Art

Rick Ladd upcycles bottle caps into some pretty amazing things, including furniture!

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Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera

woow that is just the most amazing thing that i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!! :)

Body Scan
Body Scan

Welcome Josh. Love to read your future posts

Josee Huguet-Latour via Facebook
Josee Huguet-Latour via Facebook

Incredible!! Wowww

Cori Dahl-Myles
Cori Dahl-Myles

Valerie Michelle, have you seen this? Very cool but a lot of work

Noe Rodriguez

Que genios! Por dios!

Valerie Michelle

Yes very cool

Seb Skuz

faut boire beaucoup de bière…..

Arturo Alejandro Medina Varas


Tina Warren-Peoples


was für ne arbeit

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