Top 10 Repurposed Door Uses Into Shabby Chic Home Décor

If you have an aesthetic eye, several things can be of great help, and old doors are among them. Here are ten great home design ideas for using a Repurposed Door, right from Houzz.

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WhisperWood Cottage features a beautiful Repurposed Door

If you get hold of an old, vintage door and want to put it to good use, why not install it in place of your boring closet doors in the bedroom. You will be amazed at the rustic charm that it brings in. (source)

Repurposed Door1

Sunroom by Gary and Gayle

Gary and Gayle are into the habit of repurposing things that they find remarkable. This decorating philosophy of the family has inspired them to work with salvaged doors to craft a stylish wooden screen.

Repurposed Door2

Modern Minneapolis Ranch

Instead of stripping, the doors were subjected to cleaning and sanding, so that the ‘wear-and-tear’ characteristic is preserved. (source)

Repurposed Door3

Instant Interiors

Old, small wooden doors can be turned into cabinet fronts. For the remaining part of the cabinetry, you can consider bright white cabinets and shelves are making the wooden door the center of attraction.

Repurposed Door4

Bathroom Door by Connie and Obbie

Connie and Obbie found this beautiful old door at a nearby yard sale and turned it into a sliding bathroom door. It not only appears somewhat unique but also saves space. (source)

Repurposed Door5

The Greenwich

With the help of Z-Brackets, headboards and doors can be attached to a wall. These Z-Brackets are actually predrilled metal strips by using which structures can be interlocked.

Repurposed Door6

Real World Portland

Repurposed doors can indeed form a nice background for a home bar. And maybe it’s just the thing you ever wanted for an urban family room! (source)

Repurposed Door7

New Vintage Detroit

You can come across some good quality doors at architectural salvage stores that have more appeal than a simple stock door. Interestingly, these salvage doors cost almost the same as any stock slab you can purchase from a local supplier. (source)

Repurposed Door8

Bedroom Corner

By simply placing a repurposed door at one corner of your bedroom, you can make it the focus of the room. Add hooks, and you have a place for hanging your choicest stuff. (source)

Repurposed Door9

Chic Modern Farmhouse

Imagine a modern farmhouse with a family room where you can find many vintage objects, and a repurposed door is one amongst them. Once used as a fire door, the large sliding door provides a convenient passageway to the porch as it saves floor space.

Repurposed Door10
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Ann Turner
Ann Turner

Love some of these ideas for doors ,always inspires me .


I am always dreaming of coming across a beautiful, old wooden door that I can repurpose. These are wonderful ideas . Thanks for sharing.


Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your experiences and beautiful ideas , it
means a lot for me and others .You are doing fantastic jobs .

Tami Toppen
Tami Toppen

Thank you, I enjoyed the article about recycling old wood doors by making them sliding doors.

Angela Cunnibgham
Angela Cunnibgham

We should try to reuse all that we can. My question, why can I not take my $17.96 tide Heavy PET bottle and refill with detergent for $5.00 Or Softer, or Shampoo for $14.00 medium weight PET bottle. If people want to start doing this we need to start , anyone up for it contact me.

Angela Cunnibgham
Angela Cunnibgham

Thank you for showing how we can re-use something that we think must be shiny and new. I find all of these creative smart attractive and interesting rooms, hallways and more great and fun. The best part is they make you think about things you have any things you have seen. Lovely and a great show, thank you all.
(PS I did get hung up on PET bottles sorry, they are a pet peeve the PET plastic bottle//I apologize) A

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