Upcycled Bathroom Cabinet Adds Storage And Style!

This project was one of three storage cabinets I bought from a guy for a low price. I have lots of bathroom wall space that I wasn’t using. I decided to redo one of the cabinets for extra storage. This Bathroom Cabinet welcomes guests with a place of their own. Now I have more storage solutions for additional bathroom supplies!

You don’t have to buy off-the-shelf and empty your bank account. Buy used and upcycle like this Bathroom Cabinet!

I bought this Bathroom Cabinet for a steal and upcycled it into extra bathroom storage.
Here is one of the cabinets that I bought for a steal and decided to upcycle as a new cabinet for my bathroom.
I prepped this Bathroom Cabinet by cleaning and lightly sanding all surfaces.
Clean the cabinet and lightly sand any finish present. Mask off all hardware, glass, and any holes if you remove the hinges.
I masked off the glass on this Bathroom Cabinet, but opted to paint the hardware. Use paint, stain or a whitewash as you like.
I masked off the glass but opted to paint the hardware. Use paint, stain, or a whitewash. I used a white color and wiped some off to give it a whitewash look.
The sparkly crystal knobs go well with the whitewashed, distressed finish on the Bathroom Cabinet.
These sparkly crystal knobs match well with the distressed finish I added.
Distress the finish if you don't use whitewash on the Bathroom Cabinet.
Distress the finish with a light sanding along wear areas.
The finished Bathroom Cabinet.
The finished cabinet. I think it looks great!
This Bathroom Cabinet adds lots of storage!
This project adds lots of storage!
The glass doors on this Bathroom Cabinet lets you display collectibles or your backup bathroom supplies with ease.
The glass doors let you display collectibles or your backup bathroom supplies with ease.
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