Trombones Urinals

These unusual urinals made with old trombones can be found at a pub in Freiburg (Germany), and were made by Martin Hartmann.
According to Martin:

Most people see the funny side. But, we’ve had a few complaints from musicians. They are called ‘tenor horns,’ and will hopefully never again be used for their original purpose.




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Shnifty re-do
Shnifty re-do

Somewhere Anderson Cooper is giggling, and Gerard Depardeu needs a tuba. lolz

Do Demesreves

pk pas des violons…

John Connah

Hope this isn’t a pub toilet… No way are men’s aims as accurate as that :-)

Rob Pittman
Reply to  John Connah

Speak for yourself John.

Beth Allenbaugh

I don’t think that those are trombones….

Catherine McGeorge
Catherine McGeorge

here’s a good one Amy Gibbs!

Made with Love

thats what you call blowing your own trumpet

Jennifer Tagnon

Aaaaah mais non !!!

Eko Design

drugie życie rzeczy … mistrzostwo!

Maria Elsa Juarez


John Lohn

Trombita harsog dob pereg,szol a csatára a sereg.:)

Elisa Gandra

que triste fim…

Elaine Hardman

Christopher C. Foster – these aren’t trombones but aren’t they great?

Rob Pittman

What a waste.

Judy Stark

They will still miss!

Diana García

Ofriky Percson así en tu baño como vez!?

Emily Patric

a new take on things Anthony French, do you have one at home?

Anthony French
Reply to  Emily Patric

That’s not what they’re for….. good idea tho

Rafael Ferreyra

what a karmatik fate…..

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