by Ben Cox

Upcycled 6ft Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture

I made this 6ft Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture using upcycled metal scraps. The Dragon Wood Burner contains a 15kg gas bottle inside with a 4-inch flue surrounded by a 10mm structural skeleton.

A challenging project like this Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture is worth the time and effort! Imagine your next party…

I covered this dragon with over 300 individually crafted scales and a larger chest plate.  Next, I  hand-cut a 1mm metal sheet and rebar to make the head and horns. I sprayed the sculpture with high-temperature stove paint, followed by high-temperature lacquer to protect it from the weather. I made this dragon in about 60 hours.

Not just for roasting marshmallows, this Dragon Sculpture is also beautiful to look at.
This bad-ass sculpture would be the talk of the neighborhood at your next party.
Upcycled 6ft Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture 2 • Recycling Metal
I want this the next time we roast marshmallows!
Upcycled 6ft Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture 4 • Recycling Metal
This metal beast measures in at 6 feet tall!
Upcycled 6ft Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture 6 • Recycling Metal
Upcycled 6ft Wood-burning Dragon Sculpture 8 • Recycling Metal
Just wow!

Heavy metal for life: Industrial Airplane Parts Lamp!  Now, make yourself a solid Pallet Bench to sit around the Dragon!

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Jacqueline Walters

Maarten de Graaff…dan wil ik deze?!

Franko Hunter

Jackie Fox how cool is this!!

Jackie Fox


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