Repurposed Wood Chair Turned Shelf

By MixedKreations

Curbside find repurposed into a shelf/towel rack for guest bath.

How to Decorate Your Bathroom?

By Neokentin

Many people are living with the same bathroom for years. Not thinking about changing it or decorating it a bit. There are so many beautiful things that we can do […]

Upcycle Old Shirts Into T-shirt Yarn Baskets

By sekiworks

Old T-shirts aren’t only good as garage rags, you know. Turn them into continuous pieces of yarn that you can then crochet into T-shirt Yarn Baskets! These little baskets and […]

Upcycled Bathroom Cabinet Adds Storage And Style!

By Picturebound

This project was one of three storage cabinets I bought from a guy for a low price. I have lots of bathroom wall space that I wasn’t using. I decided to redo […]

Upcycled Mason Jar Lamp Globes

By GrannyK

I absolutely hated the off-white/yellowish ugly “shade” covers on the light fixture in our bathroom. I decided to try something different on the same light fixture. Cheap and Easy.

Fruit Box Becomes Decorative Toilet Paper Storage

By Poubelle

In our homes, it’s always very important to have an ample supply of toilet paper. My solution was to upcycle an empty fruit box that I found in front of […]

Upcycled Wood Shelving Unit Has Copper Towel Rack

By Neokentin

I made this Upcycled Wood Shelving Unit with pallet wood as the shelves. The white frame is upcycled wood from a 1960’s coffee table. Upcycle it – don’t throw it […]

Upcycled Windows & Pallet Wood into Bathroom Cabinet

By Neokentin

I made this cabinet for my bathroom out of an old window, some recycled pallet wood, and a lot of love lol. The time was a half of a day.

Upcycled Cardboard around a Siphon as Bathroom Furniture

By Bafouille

This original bathroom furniture is made of recycled cardboard, it allows you to hide the piping of the sink. Each shelf is custom-made by taking into account the piping from […]

Vintage Lego Bricks Recycled Into Bathroom Sign

By Loisirette

I’m redecorating a bathroom and this is the first decoration, a “bain” sign that I will hang above the tub. These are vintage 1960’s LEGO bricks that I’ve have just […]

Bathroom Hydraulic Installation

By Neokentin

Hydraulic installation with an old pressure gauge made as an industrial accent in a bathroom.

Bathroom Shelf Made From Repurposed Pallet

By Neodim

This bathroom shelf is a not-so-difficult project to make with a wooden pallet and it will add a nice rustic charm to your bathroom. It’s a nice solution for adding […]

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