Upcycled Mason Jar Lamp Globes

I was tired of my bathroom fixture and wanted to change up the look. I decided to update it and turned it into an Upcycled Mason Jar Lamp. Before I could start, I had to find out how the original shade fixtures installed into the lamp unit.

If you don’t like your lights, just update it to a Mason Jar Lamp.

So I took off all the little shade things and then figured out how the installation of the fixture. There is a small keeper ring that screws on behind the bulb. I took out the lightbulbs first. Then I got my jars, cut a hole in each top with the drill (several small holes in a circle, then filed off the sharp edges), the size of the hole where the light bulb goes. Next, I put the tops on each one and screwed the keepers on behind the tops. Then I put the bulbs back in and then screwed the jars on. Voila!! Perfect light fixture for the old-timey vanity I am going to make for in that bathroom.

Mason Jar Lamp uses jars as the lamp globes.
Replace the dull, everyday fixtures with upcycled mason jars!
I used upcycled jars to create my Mason Jar Lamp.
I had to figure out how the lamps were held in place first. After that, it was easy to adapt the jar idea to this fixture.
My light fixture is complete. I love my Mason Jar Lamp
My completed project!
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