Upcycled Mirror Set Becomes Window Treatment

I upcycled an old mirror set that I purchased at a garage sale and turned them into fabulous window treatments. All you need is some heavy gauge wire and a pretty beaded necklace and some vintage prisms. The only tools you need are a pair of wire cutters and a pair of pliers.

Add a touch of Victorian Style to your window treatments with an Upcycled Mirror Set.

A Mirror Set is upcycled as a custom window treatment.
Add sparkle to your windows and upcycle a Mirror Set, old jewelry and vintage crystals.
Use an upcycled Mirror Set as a window treatment. You'll only need a few commonplace tools.
All you need is some heavy gauge wire, some ordinary hand tools, and a few hours.
Create a unique window treatment when you upcycle a Mirror Set.
These old mirror and brush sets are beautiful, but most people don’t want to use old brushes. Don’t throw them out! Display them as a unique window treatment!
This Mirror Set works with the sparkly crystals as a sun catcher.
Use any upcycled sparkly bits, sample perfume bottles, or other jewelry elements too!


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