by Laura Fischler

Upcycled Pet Food Bags

I upcycled pet food bags into rain gear. Jackets, shorts with waterproof bottoms and hats. Had a blast. In addition to the pet food bags I used recycled bike tubes in place of the elastic in the shorts, which were made from upcycled old curtains. I save everything you can think of so I had a ton of salvaged backpack buckles I used, waist bands from clothing I had upcycled in previous projects, a bottle cap became a button, recycled collars and zippers from old clothing.

I used the bags inside out for the main pieces of the garments. This gave my garments a clean white slate for creativity. I then was able to cut out the advertisement pieces that I really liked, creating appliques with the printed parts of the pet food bags. Pockets where made, waistbands, and other pieces of the garments in coordinating colors all from the pet food bags. And because function was important too, I added socks to the inside front panels creating sleeves to hold cellphones. :) Who goes anywhere without their phone?



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I cant seem to tho these very durable bags away…saving it for something. This is a great idea but won’t wear it…The world thanks u for recycling!


Thank you Missy. Come to my facebook page and look through the photo album. I made a super cute handbag you might like, you could make something like that with the bags you are saving.



Pouine Dừa

Ho trop cool ! Moi je fabrique des bananes avec des sacs cabas.

Heike Dobra

Genial! ??

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