by Carolyn Naegeli Slead

The Ugly Duckling: Made from Upcycled Plastic Bottles

I made this out of roughly 20 pounds of milk, soda, water, and iced tea bottles. Once the Armature of a 2-liter bottle, copper piping, and aluminum was completed, strips of wire, soda, milk and water bottles were removed, wrapped, heated and layered onto the armature. Individual feathers were created with heat and wired onto the wings one at a time. The project took about 120 hours. The hardest parts were dealing with the heat and the wire and avoiding the high heat and sharp points.

I made this piece to showcase what people can do with what they would normally throw away. I hope it inspires to look at the things they are throwing away a second time to use these items for some right or beautiful or even useful. Our imagination can take us anywhere if we just take the time to be open to what it can see.


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Linda Winchell

True art

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