by Metal-unicorn

Upcycled Tin Ceiling Tile Handpainted Apple Art

From demolition arises beautiful artwork, such as this Tin Ceiling Tile painting! I upcycled this Tin Ceiling Tile into a combination frame and canvas to do some handpainted apple art. The ceiling tiles came from a building they demolished in downtown Albuquerque about thirty years ago.

Tin Ceiling Tile painting – a fun and creative way to upcycle!

They were in a panel of 8 squares. We cut them into individual squares. I used a steel-bristled brush to remove the loose paint and rust. Next, I sealed the Tin  Tile with a clear coat twice on both sides. I used oil paint to decorate the center, and clear coated it two more times. The tin is mounted on Masonite with a hanger cut in.

Tin Ceiling Tile

Very pretty way to display custom artwork! How about a fun set of Shelves to display more of your creations?

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