by Suzanna Mcmahan

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

My name is Suzanna McMahan. I am the daughter of a Yankee and a southern belle who met on a blind date in Dallas. While one side of the family taught me the appreciation of hard work and taking care of the earth, the other side taught me how to enjoy being spoiled every once in a while as well as having good taste in design.

Having been taught to recycle since I was 5 and to shop antique stores for the best furniture since I was 15, these lessons came to the forefront of my mind when hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and I had to create a job for myself when I couldn’t go back to the Gulf Coast. Ever since then, I’ve been dedicating my life to stop broken costume jewelry and “old things” from going into the landfill so they can find new life and give meaning to those who love my work.

I sold a piece featuring Mary, Queen of Scots to Lesley Smith, former TV personality on “Most Haunted” and curator of Tutbury castle (where the last Queen of Scotland was executed and where Ms. Smith does an impersonation of her for visitors).





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Recycled Peace

The only kind I make! I love these, thanks for sharing :)

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