by Berenike Gais

Urban Up-knitt-ling

There is an abundance of things you can do with yarn leftovers.
We decided to take them out into the streets!

On march 2nd, 2013 we startet an urban knitting event in Münster, Germany. All the work was done by, well, normal people, with support from our city council. We call our project “Hands on!”. We turned leftover yarn into lamppost cozys and installed them where cyclists (Münster has A LOT of those) lean their hands on while waiting for the lights to change.

What do you call something like this? Pimp your pavement? Urban Knitting? Street Art?
Let’s just say:

It’s Urban Up-Knitt-ling!


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It’s called “Yarn Bombing”, the kids have been doing it for at least 10 years around my region. I love seeing freshly yarn bombed parking meter or street sign post. It just makes everuthing friendlier.

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