Urfun Lab Installation

Urfun Lab Installation 1 • Home Improvement
Urfun Lab Installation 2 • Home Improvement
Urfun Lab Installation 3 • Home Improvement

Urfun lab (India) consists of a body of young professionals ranging from architects, urban designers, graphic designers, landscape architects, to event managers, just to name a few. But, when it comes to the urfun lab, these classifications, titles or individual names do not hold any importance. The only thing driving all them is their love for the city and desperation to have fun!

Since Urfun lab doesn’t have a preset agenda or a written manifesto, it would be futile to try and explain its  purpose with words. The only way to elaborate on its name is through the projects that they can come up with as they wish to make all these projects hands-on, anonymous, spontaneous, guerrilla urban works.


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