by Michael Lee

Vintage Industrial Lighting with a Modern Twist

I create unique lighting handcrafted from American vintage objects and reclaimed materials.


I made this unique pendant ceiling fixture using a vintage 1946 Chevrolet hubcap and vintage oilier’s. I incorporated brass elements to give it a degree of refinement. My inspiration came from sputnik, which was the very first satellite sent into space.


Rare Industrial Art Deco Artifact reborn into a unique light that’s truly a statement piece and The Vintage brass socket is attached to ball-swivel which can be rotated in any direction. Can be used facing down or up. New vintage style red twisted (cloth) wiring ads a nice retro touch. The steel base has an intricate art deco relief pattern.


Amazing double-arm vintage table lamp reborn from vintage industrial parts that came out of an old Chicago factory (formerly wall mounted over a workbench). Reborn into unique lamp with a rustic yet modern feel. Includes very rare original brass sockets with 3/4″ nipple. The base is made from a re-purposed vintage industrial machine pulley.


Unique lighting made from vintage Master Oilier. Made with key-less vintage brass socket and old new stock rayon cloth wiring with vintage plug. A rotary switch on/off switch is located on the wire. The Mirror cap bulb is sold separately.



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gille monte ruici

great job, congrats !

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