Vintage Suitcases Furnitures

There is a lot of ideas for re-using vintage suitcases for decorating and storing in your home. We quote a few ideas to use suitcases earning extra storage space while using them as a decorative element. Starting from the picture above, 2-3 old suitcases stacked one above the other, used as a bedside table! A good idea is to stack several suitcases, one less than the other, into an empty corner as the hallway, giving his character. Extra decorative details: the globe, and a simple frame with a map! A great idea is to make a console that can be placed in your living room, just putting a piece of wood over the suitcases! An old mirror and two vintage lighting, transform easily the most indifferent space! And do not forget how economically you can get everything from local bazaars!

A lot more idea at Styleitchic Blog !



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Wow! We must have telepathy or something because we also published a post about DIY ideas with suitcases last friday: (hope you like it)

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