Watertower from One Thousand Scraps of Colorful Plexiglas and Steel

This watertower was constructed using nearly one thousand scraps of colorful Plexiglas and steel. A tribute to the ‘iconic New York water tower and a symbol of the vibrancy of Brooklyn’, Fruin worked with salvaged and discarded materials recovered from all over New York City to create the massive sculpture, including the floors of Chinatown sign shops, the closed DUMBO studio of artist Dennis Oppenheim, and Astoria’s demolition salvage warehouse.” It was located in Brookyn Bridge Park for three days before being moved to a private sculpture park.


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Meg Tipton Starstuff

It’s beautiful, but can’t be a working watertower, it would have to be really strong to withstand all the water pressure with all those joined plates of glass.

Kathie Shearer

Beautiful and colourful. Love it!!

Junk Bird

This is crazy wild!

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