Wild Wildlife

Wild Wildlife 1 • Recycled Art

Wild Wildlife 2 • Recycled Art

Wild Wildlife 3 • Recycled Art

Wild Wildlife 4 • Recycled Art

Wild Wildlife 5 • Recycled Art

Wild Wildlife 6 • Recycled Art

For over twenty-five years, Davide Pan (born in Italy in 1965 – living in Vancouver, Canada) has produced a remarkable amount of works of all sizes, but the ones that truly are echo of his talent are the commissioned breathtaking gigantic “wild lives” created for Big Sky Golf & Country Club (Pemberton, BC) in 2005.
Industrial and residential scrap materials, collected from the local community, came to life thanks to Davide’s magic. As in most of his creations, every single piece of steel, metal bar, old rusted chunk of machinery, wheel barrel, set of skies etc… is destined for the junk stack or already piled in scrap yard cemeteries… until the sculptor gets his hands on them, welding and fusing the hundreds of discards pieces into gargantuan works of art. Part of this sculptor’s magic is in bringing back to new and glamorous life objects that where already considered dead.
Davide Pan (recently invited to the 2011 Venice Biennale) is currently living and working in Vancouver, dedicating great part of his efforts to Public Art, in collaboration with id&@le concepts and Carlos Basanta.

++ Davide Pan

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Ida maria Pan
Ida maria Pan

Thank you very much for publishing the images I sent you. I will keep you updated on other projects. Other images of Davide Pan’s work can be seen at gallery.me.com/davidepan
Ida M. Pan

charlie angel
charlie angel

tis is rubish

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