by Madhvi Khaitan


WorkshopQ is a company started as essentially a workshop, where waste objects are transformed into beautiful and quirky home accessories. Our product line ranging from trays to clocks, from coasters to photoframes, from placemats to knick-knacks like card holders, pen stands, storage units, mirrors etc., is all ‘upcycled’ from scrap and discarded materials. At WorkshopQ, we create impact design by employing innovative methodology and a mix of functional design styles.

WorkshopQ is where we mix style and sustainability to create something new, to create something inspiring whilst keeping in mind the growing dangers our planet faces. WorkshopQ to us is simplicity blended with creativity. It is a movement where we look at things from a different perspective and give new meaning to ‘green design’.

The idea behind the brand is simple: we want to spread awareness about the importance of upcycling while proving to people that going green can also be a lot of fun. What sets us apart from others is that our products cannot be immediately recognized as made from ‘scrap’. They are unique, quirky and fun and can fit into any kind of an environment, whether it be calm, contemporary, kitschy, quirky or traditional.

With the right support from media and the people of our country we have grown multiple folds. We are supplying to over 21 cities across the country with a wide presence on e-commerce as well. We have also worked with corporate giants for their annual gifting purposes. WorkshopQ has also started exporting its upcycled products to different parts of the world. With this company, we want people to realize how important it is in today’s world to conserve and re-use. Our products speak the language of great design and quality with a sustainability tag attached to it. With this venture we hope that people realize how easy it is to include upcycling as an essential part of their daily lives.

Our mission statement sums up everything in one line – ” To Reuse, Design and Create”



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