X-wing Origami


“Have you ever fiddled around with an old metro ticket between two stops?
I did it for six months (in 2004, magical year) while wondering how I could give it a cool shape.

I’m very proud of how it turned out and I feel like I am the author of a little masterpiece. I got to the point where I asked myself whether the Parisian metro tickets hadn’t actually been designed to enable me to one day use it as a canvas for this “work.” Their proportions and even the patterns and drawings on them take part in the whole of the work. I’m not kidding, I find that there is a great underlying mystery here…

I doubt I will ever do something like this again in the future, which is why I would like to present these to your, eyes and maybe even hands, today.”

Hubert de Lartigue

ps : Falcon Millenuim also available !

And here to get how to make them

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Ian Shepherd via Facebook
Ian Shepherd via Facebook

Ok, they’re cute, but have you seen this guy’s painting?! It’s incredible! Click through to his website to see – look at Les Yeux de Lara!

Eric Schielmann via Facebook

… link is coming up as a high-risk website, blocked by anti-intrusion software.

Jackie Pozza
Jackie Pozza

The link doesn’t work for directions. Awe…

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