The sound wave

This sculpture is well know but it is so beautiful that i must put a picture of it ! Melted 78 rpm records on wooden armature.

The sound wave in vinyl records art  with Vinyls Sculpture

The sound wave in vinyl records art  with Vinyls Sculpture

++ Jean Shin

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  1. Amelia - February 24, 2010

    I almost wanted to cry when I saw this. What a horrible, and shocking thing to do to all that musical history.

    Absolutely a waste, and a shame.

  2. aisling - May 18, 2010

    Thats sooo good! i love it

  3. Roxanne Borris - July 26, 2010


  4. Ricardo - January 19, 2011

    What did she do with all this musical heritage?

    I strongly agree with Amelia… That “sculpture” deserves the adjectives of WASTE and SHAME.

    That thing is terrible and horripilant.

    Greetings from Ecuador.

  5. Sian-naommi Wilson via Facebook - August 25, 2011

    yeah like this 2..seen it on trend hunter..brilliant !!

  6. Julie Richardson via Facebook - February 14, 2013

    Finally ……. a use for my partners 78’s x

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