Gas basket

Such a great idea !


Thanks to Junktion

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  1. Josh Maxwell - September 15, 2009

    Do you do blogroll exchanging? If you want to exchange links let me know.

    Email me back if you’re interested.

  2. Robin - October 6, 2009

    I don’t get it (and I don’t just mean the fact that the same comment was posted six times–I get that, it’s just really annoying) I think they’re very nice looking, and a good idea….but how does one make those when it is difficult if not impossible to determine whether the canister is entirely completely totally empty, given the huge and dire warnings not to puncture the container in any form? Seems like one of the more potentially SUPER dangerous things to make that I’ve seen on this site….can anyone shed light on how these are made and how one would guarantee safety with such a hazardous material?

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