Reused carpet sofa

This is the winner of the 2007 Ample Sample contest. The contest challenges contestants to create a design from rug samples that would usually be discarded.


++ More great Design at Ample Sample

++ Thanks to Al Ha veDa !

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Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard on Recyclart to bring you your daily dose of recycled creative ideas! :) A passion for people creativity when they start to think "recycled-upcycled"! :)


  1. sujeel - September 4, 2009

    Ample Sample design contest will happen again next year. Tricycle, a sustainable design company serving the interiors industry, and other sponsors asks people to reimagine the concept of waste.

    Carpet samples might be used only once, then discarded to end up in landfills, needlessly wasting non-renewable resources like oil used in the manufacture of the fiber and backing. Extending product lifecycles in creative ways reaps expanding rewards.

    Check out the Ample Sample site and start thinking about your own submission. One of the previous entries actually became available for retail sale!

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