Gravity passengers

Three gigantic swings, fabricated from used tires, wooden poles and a whole lot of metal bolts and cables, are suspended from Mmabatho Stadium’s outer frame. Facing each other, and dangling from a staggering height of twelve meters, the swings carry ten to twenty passengers each to enact an interplay with the forces of gravity and ultimately between passengers amongst themselves.

Project by Jan Körbes and Thjeu Donders

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  1. Falbala - September 15, 2010

    Ca me rappelle mon enfance, des balançoires avec le siège fait d’un pneu. A la seule différence que chaque balançoire était individuel, ce qui est parlant en soi.

  2. t2 - September 15, 2010

    Looks fun…although I wouldn’t want a fully loaded 12-person tire swing to run into me. The physics aren’t going to rule in your favor.

  3. Mel - April 15, 2011

    i visit your page on facebook eery day! your site is so awesome! i do lots of these kinds of things myself. thanks for showing all these creative uses of trash! love, love, love!

  4. Neokentin - April 18, 2011

    Thank you Mel, we appreciate your support ! :)

  5. Teo Manousos - August 6, 2014

    Easy way to make children happy :-)

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